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The Livestream Squad is a community for entrepreneurs who are experienced broadcasters that want to expand and monetize their followers into paying clients for their business. 

If this is you, I'd love for you to join us. Unfortunately, we're closed right now for new members. Click the button below to get on the waitlist and join us when we re-open!

The Livestream Squad is currently closed to new members. We will re-open in...


Who am I? That's a good question...

I'm Kristen Robinson and I make social media marketing easy to understand.  

When I first started my business, I turned to social media to get clients into my business. I had just gotten married to my husband (he's in the Marine Corps) and moved to Jacksonville, North Carolina. I didn't know anyone or where to look to attend networking events. I played around on Facebook and Twitter in college, so I banked on my knowledge and experience to help me market my business.  

And it worked! I was using social media to attract clients LOCALLY into my brand new business. I started hosting local workshops and they would be SOLD OUT within a week! It was a dream come true until my huband told me we were moving again (you have to love military life!). I was devastated. I spent all of this time building my business and we were moving.  

When we got to our new location (Hawaii, in fact!), I lost 90% of my clients. I needed clients and FAST! I looked at what I had done in my previous location and replicated the same steps in Hawaii. And it worked again! I also made some tweaks to shift my business to a location-independent business. Fast forward to today: I live in New Orleans and I have clients all over the world!

Why I started the Livestream Squad...

When I jumped on Pericope, great things started to happen...

As I gained more followers on Periscope, I became known as an expert in my field and was being found by various podcast and telesummit hosts. Most of my invitations came because of a great broadcast they had seen or one of their followers shared my broadcast. Being a featured speaker or guest on telesummits and podcast shows allowed me to grow my social media following and land more opportunities.  

It wasn't always this way, believe me. Being consistent and having content rich, thought-provoking broadcasts has helped me land over 75+ podcasts and telesummit interviews in the past 2 years! Now, I speak on 2-3 virtual stages every month on average. 

I started getting clients!  

Within months, I landed 2 VIP Clients using Periscope and made over $4,000! Thanks to my Periscope broadcasts, I was attracting high level clients who wanted to work with me.  

What made them want to invest at a high level to work with me? My broadcasts showcased my expertise and established a level of trust with them.

I was having success but many other broadcasters were not...  

I didn't get it. There were broadcasters who had more followers and more experience than me but I was making more money than they were! How was that possible? After talking to several broadcasters, the problem became clear to me: they were not making money because they did not know how to turn their followers into paying clients!

That is why I started the Livestream Squad! I want to help entrepreneurs who are experienced broadcasters expand and monetize their followers into paying clients for their business.  

Here's what you get with the Livestream Squad...

Weekly Roll Calls

Roll Calls are our version of a "broadcast train". We host them 5 days a week so you can get more followers and viewers on Periscope, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live. By participating in our Roll Calls, you'll gain more followers than if you were to broadcast on your own. Collaboration and leveraging other broadcasters' followings is the name of the game if you want more followers and viewers on your broadcasts. 

Monthly Mastermind

Our monthly masterind session is where the magic happens! Meet with other members of the community in a virtual setting to get feedback and ideas on what you're working on for your business. This is dedicated time where we can help you from being "stuck" to moving forward in no time!

Speaking Opportunities

It's no secret that I get a lot of speaking opportunities. Some of them are not a good fit for me and some I just don't have the time for. What do I do?

Pass them along to you! Since you are an experienced broadcster, I know you have the skills as a speaker. As a member of the Livestream Squad, I would love to connect you to these opportunities that will help you grow your business.

Special Guest Trainings

I'm blessed to have a lot of friends and colleagues who are amazing at what they do. From self-care for busy moms and confidence for entrepreneurs to high ticket selling with $5k+ offers and how to write your book. If you're struggling with it or want to know more about it, I'll have one of my friends or colleagues do a virtual training just for us! 

Monthly Masterclass + Q&A 

One of the biggest reasons why I started the Livestream Squad was to help broadcasters make money in their business using Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Periscope. Every month there will be a monthly masterclass training and Q&A session to ensure that you are taking the right steps to monetizing your livestream broadcasts.

 You also get these with the Livestream Squad...

Livestream Squad Badge Crew For broadcasters who are going for their Periscope VIP badges! We show up and sharing each other's broadcasts. (Special requirements apply)

Private Facebook Group Access to the private Livestream Squad Facebook group community to connect with the other members.

Quarterly Challenges Every 90 days, there will be a 5 day challenge for you to execute what you've learning in the Livestream Squad.

Weekly Member Spotlight Hit a live streaming milestone? Get recognized on our social media channels for your accomplishments!

When you join the Livestream Squad, you get these bonuses...

Launch Bonus #1: Facebook Live Masterclasss Learn the 7 things you need for every Facebook Live broadcast. You will have instant access to this masterclass in the Training Area when you become a member.

Launch Bonus #2: Ticket to Kristen's next live event Receive a discounted ticket to LeadGen Gameplan Live in October 2018! This a 3 day event where I will show you how to consistently generate leads for your business!

 Yearly Membership Bonus: Induction Call with Kristen 90 minute induction call with me to go get to know you, your business, and to create a strategy on how live streaming can bring more clients into your business. (This only for members who commit to the Livestream Squad for a year)

Ready to be a member of the Livestream Squad?

What makes the Livestream Squad different?

What makes the Livestream Squad different than other groups out there is that the Livestream Squad is for entrepreneurs who are experienced broadcasters. If you're reading this, you know you're not a rookie broadcaster anymore. You know the basics of good lighting, you have a mount or tripod for a stable broadcast, and you've gone live so many times that you've lost count. It's time to evolve and go the next level.  

The Livestream Squad is for entrepreneurs who are serious about monetizing their following. Our communty is not a good fit for hobbyists or business owners playing "entrepreneur". Surrounding yourself with a community where people are passionate and dedicated to their businesses uplevels YOUR business game. This makes our mastermind sessions and special guest trainings even juicer because we can go deeper into your business since you've got the basics down.

I'm also a big believer in giving back and passing it on to others. 10% of all the monthly revenue made by the Livestream Squad will be donated to a cause or charity that is voted on by the members every quarter.

How much is it to be in the Livestream Squad?

With everything you get as a member of the Livestream Squad, you have to agree that there is tremendous value. I'm all about charging for your worth and value but if I did that, no one would be able to join the Livestream Squad!

So, to join the Livestream Squad, the investment is:  

$67 per month

Ready to join the Livestream Squad? Click the button below to to get on the waitlist and join us when we re-open!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Livestream Squad right for me? 

The Livestream Squad is for entrepreneurs who are experienced broadcasters. Our community is NOT for hobbyists or business owners playing "entrepreneur". If you're passionate about what you do, are committed to your business, and have broadcasted at least 30+ times on Facebook and/or 50+ times on Periscope, then we'd love to have you!

I sell physical products. Can I still join?

Yes! If you sell physical products, you can join the Livestream Squad. 

Can I pay for a year?

Yes, there is a yearly membership option for the Livestream Squad that gives you 3 months free! You can choose this option when the Livestream Squad re-opens for new members.

Are there refunds?

Since you get immediate access to the Livestream Squad, there no refunds. You can cancel at any time.

What if I need 1 on 1 support? 

There is an Elite level of membership that offers 1 on 1 support with Kristen. This level is a $3,000+ investment. If you're interested in learning more about the Elite level, please send an email to Info@LivestreamSquad.com with the subject line "I want to be Elite!".