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Showing up consistently and going live to your audience is easier than you think...and you can make bank doing it too!

You want to go live on Facebook more often. You know that it works but the problem is being consistent. You can't seem to carve out the time to do it. The day just seems to fly by with business and personal things and your audience doesn't hear from you.

You want to be more consistent because you know livestreaming is what gets your audience's attention. They pay more attention to you when you're live on Facebook than your posts. You even enjoy going live. You know that if you went live even more than you do now, not only would you get more engagement and attention from your audience, you'd also get clients too.

It's frustrating because it shouldn't be this difficult to make livestreaming a consistent marketing strategy in your business. You know that going live and making offers is what's holding you back from making the impact you want to make and the money you deserve to have.

What you really want is to go live with ease and get clients consistently. You want the certainty that you when you go live consistently and give great content, you'll see the payment notifications rolling in.

You desire to make the impact you know you were meant to make. Going live with great content helps with that. At the same time, you DO want to get paid. After all, that's why you started your business.  

I just want to let you know that this is all totally possible. You can go live on Facebook consistently, give great content, make an impact, get clients, and make bank. You can start doing this RIGHT now. The first thing you have to do is give yourself permission that it can happen.

The next thing you need to do is take action and hold yourself accountable to doing it.

Introducing the Livestream Squad!

A 6 week live group program that will hold you accountable to go live every day in front your audience to make offers and get clients!

The challenge is simple: go live every day for 30 days on 1 platform and make an offer. Watch your momentum and bank account grow in 30 days like it never has before!

You're not going make money or get clients if you're winging it and not making an offer.

Seriously, let's get one thing straight: if you're winging your livestream broadcasts and don't make an offer, you don't have the right to complain about not making any money. Period.

You can't go live talking for 30-45 minutes unfiltered without a plan or intention and expect people to find your website and buy from you. It's not going to happen.

Pressing the "Go Live" button on Facebook and just talking about whatever comes to your mind isn't going to get clients. Yes, your audience loves you (otherwise they wouldn't be following you) but your livestream broadcasts have to be strategic.

They don't have to be scripted word for word but you should know which direction you want to go and what offer to make during your livestream broadcast.

Having talking points and intentionally leading your livestream broadcast to an offer is what gets people interested and then making the actual offer is what gets people to become clients.

Yes, there is a method to the madness. It's not just magic that people buy and become clients out of nowhere.

Stop going live on Facebook without an intention or strategy and thinking that if the content is good enough people will buy.

Bottom line: Go live with intention, make an offer, and watch the clients come rolling in.

Hey, I'm Kristen!

You've probably seen me on a livestream broadcast on Facebook or Instagram and thought that I had it all together. Honestly, it took some time for me to get to this level.

Back in 2016, livestreaming was the "hot" new thing. I decided to try it and set up my Periscope account (remember Periscope?) and go live. I struggled with going live at first because I didn't know what to say and I really hated talking to myself because no one showed up to watch my broadcasts.

I was so frustrated because I knew what I was talking about but I would stumble over my words when I went live. I felt like I was never going to get it.

I realized that the best way to improve was to keep at it. To keep going live rather than give up. If I was consistent at it, I would get better.

Fast forward to the present, and being consistent has paid off! I feel confident going live knowing what I'm going to talk about and I don't have an issue with formulating my words.

Being consistent and showing up live has also resulted in clients and cash in my business! I've landed $2,000 clients from livestream broadcasts and the best part is that I can count on at least $1,500 in cash received coming into my business from just livestreaming alone!

Now, I can't imagine not going live on Facebook or Instagram. It's a part of my daily marketing plan for my business.

Being consistent with my livestream broadcasts has given me the freedom to make sales whenever I want to and the momentum that I needed in my business.

Going live on a consistent basis wasn't easy. I had to hold myself accountable and remind myself every day before it became a habit and a fun part of my business. It also became lonely doing it by myself so I joined a group that would hold me accountable.

The key was to being consistent was accountability. Knowing that I had to check in with a group of people and letting them know that I was going live EVERY DAY and making an offer on my livestream broadcasts is what got me where I am today.

That's why I'm so excited about the Livestream Squad! There's nothing like checking in and having someone hold you accountable to make sure you go live and make your offers. If you want to be more consistent going live and get clients from livestreaming, this is for you!

Here's how the Livestream Squad works...

4 livestream trainings to get you started

We kick off on Monday, August 2 but prior to that, you'll have access to my 4 most powerful trainings on livestreaming. I'll be breaking down on how to make your offer, 5 types of broadcasts you can do, 7 things you need for every broadcast, and how to make $1k per month from livestreaming.

You'll be going live every day for 30 days

We'll take the weekends off but Monday through Friday, you'll go live on 1 platform of your choice for 30 days. This will help you be more intentional and strategic when it comes to marketing your business and makes it easy for your audience to show up to your broadcasts to hear what you have to say.

Build momentum and connect with your audience

Going live is one of the fastest ways to shortcut the sales cycle and get people who have never heard of you to becoming clients. That's because going live allows you to connect with your audience on a different level than just email marketing. The more you go live, the more your momentum grows.

Show up confidently and make offers!

The more you go live, the more your confidence grows and you show up more powerfully. Not only will you be more confident when you go live to your audience, but you'll also be making offers so that you're getting clients from your livestream broadcasts.

Did I mention that there is a prize?

Win a Livestream Pro Kit!

I know going live for 30 days is going to change your business and you're probably going to get hooked on livestreaming, so I'm offering a prize!

Here's how to win: Share that you’ve went live and made an offer for the 30 days of being in the Livestream Squad. Once we end our 30 days, I’ll pick a winner from a drawing. As long as you’re current with your payments, I'll ship it out to you within one week.

The Livestream Squad includes...

This bonus has expired!

7 Day Livestream Jumpstart Bonus ($497 Value)

1 on 1 with me and you on Voxer on how to lay out your livestream broadcasts over the next 30 days. Together, we will look at your offers and strategically map out your broadcasts so you're getting clients throughout the challenge.
(I check Voxer and respond to clients about 2-3 times per day, Monday - Friday. Saturday and Sunday will not count towards your 7 days.)

Daily Accountability

There will be daily accountability threads EVERY DAY to make sure that you've gone live to your audience and made your offer. This is what you need: a push to go live and making your offer every day and a mentor to hold you accountable to doing it!

2 Q&A Sessions

I want to make sure that you're completely supported in the Livestream Squad so, I’m hosting 2 Q&A sessions during the 30 days we're together. The calls will be recorded and you can submit questions ahead of time if you can't make it live.

4 Video Trainings

You’ll receive 4 trainings on livestreaming before the 30 day challenge. On these powerful trainings, I'll be breaking down on how to make your offer, 5 types of broadcasts you can do, 7 things you need for every broadcast, and how to make $1k per month from livestreaming.

Private Facebook Group

Starting on Monday, July 27, you'll get access to the private Livestream Squad Facebook Group. This is where you'll get to know your squad members and support each other throughout the challenge.

I'll also be hosting 2 weekly office hour sessions to make sure you get all of your questions answered in between our Q&A sessions.

Explode Your Audience Virtual Experience

The Explode Your Audience Virtual Experience is my 3 day live, virtual event on how to sell out your online courses, programs, and coaching by growing your email list and exploding your audience!
While the public will be paying up to $297 for this exclusive event, you will be able to will attend for $97!

Some love for the Livestream Squad...

Join the Livestream Squad for $397 or
3 monthly payments of $165!

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Final Note from Kristen

Here's what I want you to understand: going live consistently can be the ONLY thing you do in your business to get clients and make money.

The key word is "consistently". It has to be a part of your marketing strategy.

Many online coaches tell me that they want this simplicity. They want to go live and that's it. The only thing that stands in their way is being consistent.

You've probably tried being consistent at going live and you failed. Not because you didn't want to. It was because it was tough holding yourself accountable. You know that if you had to check in with someone every day, you could do it. That's what the Livestream Squad is for. It's to hold you accountable to going live every day to creating that momentum in your business.

You know what's harder than holding yourself accountable? Struggling. Don't be afraid that you need help and a mentor to help you get through this. Also, wouldn't it be nice to be part of a community where everyone is trying to do the same thing?

We (me + the community) got you. Stop struggling and click on the button below to join the Livestream Squad.

Join the Livestream Squad for $397 or
3 monthly payments of $165!